A boost for intelligent spending and urban redevelopment

July saw the opening of a new Coop Italia supermarket in the city of Padua. The new 2500 square metre Coop is the result of a major but tasteful redevelopment project focused on areas immediately alongside the city’s railway station. Contemporary styling links the surroundings with the interior and creates continuity between the complex’ architecture and the city’s skyline. Large glass surfaces, natural materials, neutral colours, broad perspective views and strategic lighting solutions play key roles in creating an elegant, comfortable space.

The sales area is arranged according to the latest retail concepts to underscore the quality of the products on offer, promote access and clarity, and guarantee a more pleasant, practical and intelligent shopping experience. A wide and diversified range of products is on sale from different theme-based areas, including a delicatessen with hot food counter, a rotisserie, fish counter, bakery with cake shop and a wine section stocked with top quality labels with a special focus on local wines.

Arneg has been working with the Coop for many years to interpret the needs of a generation of consumers seeking a newer and more sustainable shopping experience. In particular, the Padua-based company supplied the supermarket’s islands, serve-over counters, semi-vertical cabinets, wall cabinets, rear service cabinets, cold rooms and a 134a (NT) + CO2 (LT) transcritical system with HPM refrigeration units. These solutions were chosen in harmony with the Coop’s commitment to promoting sustainable technology, quality local products, accessibility, visibility and transparency.

The Coop’s collaboration with Sirman, leader in professional catering equipment, is also to be seen in this light. Sirman supplied the advanced technology equipment needed for the fresh and cured meat, cheese and deli counters and for the live demonstration areas.

The Coop’s latest generation systems and equipment guarantee excellent service. They also conform to the concept of a supermarket that is capable of making shopping practical and satisfying and also able to convey a sense of taste that combines tradition with innovation and creates a more enjoyable, quality consumer experience. 


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