Aspiag Service with Arneg for the new Adigeo Interspar

Quality and welcome from the territory

Aspiag Service, the Despar dealership for Northeast, recently opened an Interspar superstore of about 3,000 square meters at the new Adigeo Shopping Mall in Verona.

Inaugurated on March 30th during the opening day of the mall in Viale delle Nazioni, the brand new Interspar proposes to the public a modern retail shop, open 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm.

The refrigeration, powered by a subcritical CO2 system, is branded Arneg and is made up of a very varied layout:

- seasonality is emphasized and the refrigerated furniture LISBONA 2 help the fruit and veg department to convey freshness and quality;

- in addition to fruit and veg, the LISBONA 2 vertical multi-deck series houses meat and dairy products;

- fresh fish has its space in the classic LAGUNA serve-over counter, inside a neat and inviting fishery;

- sweet temptations are offered both from VELDEN, the semi-vertical cabinet here used for self-service cakes and pastries, and from the MELK serve-over counter for assisted sale;

- MELK is also used as a serve-over counter in the sushi area, as well as a semi-vertical cabinet in the meat department;

- again for the meat sale, but in this case for the assisted sale, we find the SAMARA rear service cabinet;

- another rear service cabinet, LOSANNA 2, is used for the salami, beyond the selected meats shown in the MELK serve-over counter, completing the offering of the deli department;

- lastly the PELICAN combined furniture, help frozen food maintaining an optimum temperature.

But this innovative Interspar offers even more. An example: the wine shop, with a wide selection of labels (many are local wineries), honors the city of the Vinitaly Show with both tailored settings and classical music in the background.

The staff coming mainly from Verona and the many local products are the silver threads of this new superstore, proving a commercial ethic that can enhance and enrich the territory in a responsible and participative way.

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