Arneg furnishes the new Famila format inaugurated in Teolo

The refrigeration at the service of wellbeing

Congratulations to Unicomm that with the opening of the new Famila supermarket in Teolo (Padua) recently inaugurated a new format in the name of a lifestyle closer to health and wellbeing.

And congratulations to Arneg who has been able to furnish the 1,500 square meter of shop with a style that communicates at first glance this new approach. The wood and the led lights evoke respect for the Earth and desire to live in harmony with nature. Also the fresh foods departments, starting from the fish shop, the butchery, passing through the delicatessen and gastronomy and a well-stocked fruit and vegetable department, talk about wellness.

The PANAMA 3 P vertical multi-deck cabinet, the ARLES serve-over counter, the VELDEN island and semi-vertical cabinet, the LOSANNA 2 rear service cabinet and the ASTANA vertical cabinet with glass doors are used both for self-service and for assisted sales accompanied by skilled and attentive staff.

The new layout will be progressively extended to the rest of the stores and, not forgetting local specialties, it will bring the respect for the environment and the bond with the territory on customer tables.

Lastly, low power consumption guaranteed by refrigerated cabinets marks the closest point of contact between Arneg and Famila that, in a sharing of ideals, shake their hands with the common goal of building a more sustainable and people-oriented future.

Intrac, a subsidiary of the Arneg Group, provided shelving and checkout counters, while Incold, another subsidiary, provided coldrooms.

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