Arneg in Israel in the sign of elegance

Cancun sells meat and quality fish since 1985. Founded as a family business, thanks to the passion and the customers' recognition over time it has become one of the largest and best known companies in its sector in Israel. Today it imports from more than thirtyfive countries around the world and invests to uphold the not only the products quality, but also in shops.

In December 2016, with a modern and cosmopolitan design, Cancun opened a new store in Ashdod.
Kirur Benny in collaboration with Arneg has contributed to make the location functional, elegant and pleasant, thanks to its high load capacity refrigeration cabinets - MALMOE 3and display cases tailored to the refined and nearly londonish style of the store - BELGRADO 2 - .

Also Intrac check-out counters are present.