Arneg España furnishes My Mercat in Alicante

A new concept of market in the Mediterranean sea

In Calp, Alicante, a new shopping experience has been created by My Mercat, Sol y Mar Group.

Developed in an area of 1600 m2, the store offers a new concept of shopping that evokes a local market, based in the Mediterranean sea.

Entering the supermarket you can immediately breathe the market air thanks to a wide range of fresh local products, such as fresh fish, a selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables, local meats, sausages and pastries of the Spanish tradition.

In addition, to complete the gastronomic offer, the store offers many bio products and a wide selection of national and international specialties.

Quality is at the highest level, served by authentic professionals, especially in the served areas such as the butchery, the fish market and the gastronomy.

Arneg España, who is always at the side of the most innovative customers, has made his contribution in My Mercat with some of its stylish furnishings such as:

- BADEN, available both as serve-over counter and semi-vertical 

- MINI ARKA, the semi-vertical 

- MINI TORONTO 4P, the island 

- OSAKA 3P, the vertical glass doors

- PANAMA 3P, the vertical multi-deck

But, in addition to the well-organized layout of the store, Arneg España also provided the supermarket with an efficient transcritical refrigerant system that guarantees the freshness of the products while reducing the environmental impact.

The class in the exhibition, the style of furniture and the design accompany and enhance the products of the new My Mercat inviting not only to purchase, but to a proper experience to be lived.

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