ARNEG • AIR • SYSTEM revolutionizes the new MIGROS in Lucerne

The supermarket choses Arneg for its refrigeration and energy efficiency

Migros, the well-known swiss supermarket chain, has chosen Arneg as its partner for the refrigeration of its store in Waldstätterstrasse, Lucerne.

The main idea behind the store renovation was to communicate a new format able to combine, on one side, a wide range of fresh food areas - starting from the butchery and the fish shop, passing through a well-stocked fruit and vegetable department talking about wellness and quality – and on the other side, the desire to create an avant-garde supermarket, aiming to the maximum energy saving and environmental sustainability. 

For this very ambitious project, Arneg has furnished the store with its best retail solutions. The crown jewel is the new cutting-edge technology ARNEG • AIR • SYSTEM: a special circulation of air inside the refrigerated cabinet which, using dynamic air blades, is able to optimize energy efficiency.

The undisputed protagonist of the new store is SANTIAGO 2, the vertical cabinet with glass doors. Thanks to its design and to the new ARNEG • AIR • SYSTEM, SANTIAGO 2 is ideal for guaranteeing fresh and genuine products - such as meat, cold cuts, cheese, yogurt and fourth range - for longer. 

Moreover, with ARNEG • AIR • SYSTEM products are stored within a temperature range of 2°C, without any fluctuations. Th result is that the energy efficiency increases by 37% compared to standard closed cabinets.

A special application has been proudly furnished to the store: SANTIAGO 2 used for the first time in its glass doors ROLL-IN version, front container. This is a brand new application that we will surely see in many other stores.

Last but not least, Arneg has chosen to guarantee the storage with quality frozen products thanks to its vertical glass doors cabinet ASTANA, the closed islands TORONTO and COLONIA 3 and the combined PELICAN.

Arneg thanks Migros for its renewed trust and for choosing to believe, first of all, in the revolutionary ARNEG • AIR • SYSTEM technology, being sure of the value that its very high energy efficiency and environmental sustainability will be able to give back.

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